Aimee Birnbaum

Aimee is an American watercolourist and printmaker - exhibits widely. It is well worth a look at her stunning work.

Steve Winney

UK photo-based artist.

Sabine Tilly

Sabine is a London based photographer.

Rebecca Taber

Rebecca is a painter whose work illustrates the beauty and comedy of life taking inspiration largely from the ‘everyday’: her work toys with the sublime and the ridiculous. Rebecca’s work exposes the inner workings of the human condition appearing often without context. It is ‘other-worldly’, ethereal, and at times grotesque.

Ian Phillips

Ian Phillips is a well known printmaker and runs workshops and masterclasses from his studio in North Wales.

Lucy B Campbell Fine Arts

Lucy B Campbell Fine Arts is a small gem of a gallery in Kensington Church Street, London. Established for over 20 years.

Art Contact

Art consultants and commissioning agents to corporate clients internationally - with a gallery based just outside of Cambridge.

Whitelist Websites

My webmaster. Need I say more...